About us

AMS Facilities (SW) Ltd is the go-to lifts, escalators and stairlifts engineering company for organisations that need to keep people moving safely.


With over 20 years experience in emergency repairs, call outs, maintenance and installations, we can promise:


The best engineers – Our engineers have vast experience across a range of lift and escalator manufacturer and technology. So much so, we say they’ll get you back up and running 98% of the time. If our engineers can’t get things going for you, you’ll notice their frustration and determination to get things sorted for you quick smart…


The quickest response – We pride ourselves on the fact that nobody gets there quicker than us. We share our customers sense of urgency and understand the stress it causes when things go wrong.


These are two reasons why we also act as approved contractors for many national companies who have clients in the South West & Wales but who have no resident engineers – so our client base, like our knowledge, is wide ranging & varied.

24/7 Emergency Call Out -